Why I Won’t Be Buying Xbox One


Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a Sony fanboy. Although I’ve never owned an Xbox myself, I probably own more Nintendo consoles than Sony, and am still open to the idea of owning an Xbox. Many of the Xbox exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and Project Spark are games I’ll be keeping tabs on, so the day may yet come when I buy an Xbox One, but I’ll tell you why I won’t for now.

The reason why I won’t be buying Xbox One come the next generation of consoles is not out of some blind loyalty to Sony, nor is it reluctance to acknowledge the positive changes in policy that Microsoft has implemented. No, my reason has to do with rewarding Sony, and not giving my money to Microsoft. Now, you may not see a difference between the first part of the paragraph and the subsequent part, but allow me to explain.
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Impressions: E3

On the latest episodes of The National Pastime, we covered E3 2013 and pretty much how I felt about the whole event, particularly the conferences, is there so check it out to hear how I, and my fellow cohorts, felt about E3 this year!

The National Pastime – E3 Part 1 (Microsoft)

The National Pastime – E3 Part 2 (EA and Ubisoft)

The National Pastime – E3 Part 3 (Sony)

The National Pastime – E3 Part 4 (Nintendo and wrap-up)

Xbox One Reveal and the Lack of Games


On May 21st, Microsoft announced their console for the next-gen, the Xbox One, and was met with quite a bit of negative feedback. The reveal had a huge focus on the entertainment aspects of the new console and little was mentioned about games, except for a few tidbits here and there. Many hardcore gamers, myself included, were disappointment with the lack of focus on video games and how the Xbox One seemed to be reaching out to the casual market rather than the hardcore.

However, one thing that gets kind of lost in the mix is that Microsoft did say beforehand that the reveal was going to be a focus on the hardware and the console itself, rather than games, and that their show at E3 will be more than enough to satiate the gamers out there who are still up in the air over which next-gen console to purchase. There have even been articles mentioning that Microsoft has sunk 1 billion dollars into games for Xbox One, and they mentioned that there would be 15 exclusive titles coming this year as well, but I think the issue at hand has nothing to do with the number of games coming to the new console.
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Impressions: Inazuma Eleven GO2 – Chrono Stone Neppuu/Raimei

SPOILERS AHOY! You have been warned. There is also an expected familiarity with the characters and story so I’ll apologize if I speak as if there’s an understanding of what’s going on already.

Inazuma Eleven GO 2

Inazuma Eleven GO 2 has been one of my most anticipated games of the year. Whenever there was new information about the game, or a new video was out, I would be there taking it all in. Following the Anime has only been fueling my intense desire to play this game and when it finally came in the mail, I couldn’t stop. I went so far as forgetting to eat dinner one night.
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