Sailor Moon: 2013

One of the biggest news stories that hit the Anime community last week was the revelation that there would be a new Sailor Moon series coming to us in the summer of 2013. Aside from a release window, we have yet to hear any concrete details about the series, but fans nonetheless have begun to spin the wheel of speculation. It’s hard to say in exactly what direction they’ll take it, but I’m here to share some of my thoughts for what would help a modern adaptation by learning from the original series.

It’s been twenty years since the original series first debuted and in that time, much has changed in the world of anime. Gone are the days of the monster of the week, and the average length of a season can range anywhere between twelve episodes to twenty six episodes. For Sailor Moon to thrive, the series will have to adapt itself.

The original series took far too long for Usagi to discover and be joined by the other Sailor Senshi. We need to have them all and together by at least the tenth episode. One of the best parts of the original series was the way Usagi interacted with all the different Sailor Senshi, but you can’t do that if you wait twenty some episodes before introducing Jupiter or thirty some for Venus. In the later seasons, Umino and Naru stop being part of the story altogether, so less focus on these two characters wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, either.

More consistency in the characterization of Usagi should be a priority. In many of the seasons of the original series, Usagi would be a complete airhead and struggle during fights, only until their ultimate battle where she would finally become serious and eventually win, but when you’ve seen this kind of development happen a few times, and then in the later seasons you’re left wondering why Usagi is having trouble against a small-fry opponent, it’s a bit of an issue. I’m not saying she should be able to one-hit every enemy, just if they could show her being a little more clever after having fought the same battles a hundred times over, that would go a long way to solidifying character development.

Keep a continuity chart or wiki or something! There were many times in the later seasons of Sailor Moon that it felt like they had forgotten certain key things, or were just not brought up very often even though they happened. I mean, Usagi and Chibi-Usa often acted like sisters and it almost seemed like they forgot they were mother and daughter! Not to mention Chibi-Usa’s weird clinging to Mamoru, even after finding out he is her father. There are more examples, but those are the ones off the top of my head. Small missteps like this would pull me out of the show from time to time, so if they could maintain a stronger sense of continuity, I’d be happy.

One part about the original series I hope is kept, however, is a majority of the music. The opening song, Moonlight Densetsu is a classic and may be updated, but the song itself should be a keeper. Not only that, but there are many tracks from the series that I still, to this date, love to listen to. For example, the music for Moon Crystal Power, or when Sailor Moon makes her dynamic entrance, or even the music for when Haruka-san and Michiru-san appear, say something, and leave. If they don’t bring most of the soundtrack back, at the very least, they should try to keep the same mood and tone as the original music.

I’m sure everyone else has their own opinions about how they could improve the show with the impending series, but those were just a few of mine. Whether they consider any of them or not, there’ll be a huge fanbase looking forward to whatever they produce.

If you agree or disagree with any of my suggestions, leave a comment and we can talk it over, or you can chat me up on twitter @protomelvin

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2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon: 2013

  1. I’ve never been an SM fan, but if they make the series with like epic production staffing, like shaft’s Madoka Magica or such, I might bother watching XD

    All in all I’m still happy for the news though, since some of the people I like working with are HUGE fans of Sailor Moon, and this will definitely revive the fandom regardless of the actual quality of the show orz. With my work industry I just look to take advantage of these popular shows anyway ;X (We just got Hello Kitty on our site, now for the world!!)

    • Have you seen that Hello Kitty Sonic plush? Kawaii na~

      I just wonder how much they’re going to change and how much they’re going to leave the same. I hope it’s something along the lines of what they did for Chihayafuru, where much is the same as the manga, but they do quite a bit to make the anime its own thing\ as well.

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